Lavender Heart Tea (eBook)
Lavender Heart Tea (eBook)
Lavender Heart Tea (eBook)

Lavender Heart Tea (eBook)

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Lavender Heart Tea: A Collection of love notes, monologues, short stories and poems Dedicated to Reconnecting with the Authentic Self

eBook ISBN#: 979-8-9850711-0-8 (ePub file, *please ensure device can support) 277 pages

With Love Keesh, LLC Publishing (eBook includes pictures and reference graphics) 

An invitation to tea: Lavender Heart Tea is a collection of love notes, monologues, short stories, and poems dedicated to my personal healing journey of reconnecting with my authentic self. As I mentioned above, the origin of my healing began by a seemingly innocent request to God asking Him to create a path for me toward a more authentic existence. In return, my life completely flipped upside down and everything I knew and loved and claimed as my truth gradually began to disintegrate. Unaware initially of the bigger picture at play, I fought integration by clinging onto what I knew. But then, I became ill and ultimately tired of experiencing the same toxic patterns and finally surrendered to the unknown. In doing so, I realized the pains of my present where actually pains of the past I never fully healed; some in which I was aware of and others, I only recovered through intentional practices of stillness and meditation. Through grounding into my body through the five senses, exploring my energetic centers, also known as the chakras, shadow work, and inner child healing; I realized all the answers I needed to heal were within me. To heal, it simply required me to cultivate the willingness to get still enough to allow the integration of the authentic self to activate. It also required the understanding that God lives within me, not outside of me, and I had the power to shift my life into the most aligned space for me in the present moment. My ultimate realization was that I am many things and I owe it to myself to continuously explore and honor each of my smaller pieces that create my bigger picture.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Noah Web
A Delight

Lavender Heart Tea is a delight...I love it!

Karlene Gathers
Grateful for Lavender Heart Tea

I cried healing tears from beginning to end. I’ve never been more grateful for a book. If you are on a healing journey this book is a must read. Such a beautiful and touching collection of stories. As a black woman only child raised in abuse I felt like I was reading my own journal. This book truly touched my heart. This book is proof that healing yourself changes the world because reading it immediately changed my world. I’m endlessly grateful.

Diesha Kamille Cole

A beautiful collection of literary genius! I listened to a few minutes each morning and I was always pleased and intrigued by the stories. The author’s vulnerability is relatable and sincere! I’m grateful for the time I invested in this. Thank you Keesh!

Sandra Coachman

LaKeshia Williams' book, Lavender Heart Tea, is a must read for all those who want to work toward healing oneself. It isn’t just a story about her many traumatic events but also how she helped heal herself from a medical mystery.

The inter working of the monologues, short stories and poems bring every topic together thus helping the reader to understand how she got through these events that were planted in her mind long before she could understand what they meant and to finally open her heart to an understanding of what getting to your Authentic Self really means.