Healing Episcleritis with Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices

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Healing Episcleritis with Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices


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For this podcast, we are discussing Healing Episcleritis with Traditional Chinese Medicine/holistic practices. 

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I have included a few detailed notes from the podcast/video:


Disclaimer: My choice and this will take time, NOT a quick fix!

  • Backstory: Childhood-Young Adulthood
    • Childhood: circa 1994-1998: Constantly being sent home with “pink eye” claims, deemed allergy related
    • Teens: circa 2002-2007: Consistently using eye drops to get rid of the ‘red’
    • Young Adulthood: circa 2012-2015: Persistent chalazions
      • Chalazion- A slowly developing lump that forms due to a blockage and/or selling of an oil gland(s) in the eyelid. Can be confused for a stye, but unlike a stye it is hardened. 
    • Adulthood: 2020 Episcleritis diagnosis 
      • What is Episcleritis?
        • Episcleritis- A common, mostly benign, unilateral or bilateral inflammatory condition affecting the tissue between the conjunctiva and sclera. Not to be confused with the more serious Scleritis, that affects a deeper tissue of the eye. It can be distinguished by an ophthalmologist or optometrist performing a blanch of the eye. If the redness disappears, it is episcleritis.   
          • Common triggers: Stress, Allergies, Trauma, Hormonal changes, Autoimmune Disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, etc.

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  • Western Treatments
    • Western Medicine- Medical practices and systems that approach treatments and plans of actions to treat symptoms of the disease of the body 
    • Treatments offered
        • Steroids (Oral and eye)
        • Cold Compresses and Lubricating Eye Drops 
          • Experience: Helps with immediate relief, but no long term effects, continuous usage 
        • Ignore
          • Experience: Unappealing red eye(s), lowered confidence, severely blurred vision, irritation, deteriorating mental health 


  • Eastern/Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices 
    • Eastern Medicine- Medical practices that approach treatments and plans of action that are unique to the person and treat the root of diseases of the body. A complete medical system utilized for more than 2000 years. Based on the belief of yin and yang, passive and active energies. When both energies are in balance it yields good health and healthy mind. When unbalanced, dis-ease of the body, mind, and/or soul. The organs are thought of as complex network of Qi (life force of energy) flowing through the kidneys, heart, spleen, liver, the lungs, gallbladder, small intestine, and large intestine.


  • Eastern practices I have utilized during my healing journey 
    • Lifestyle change: Reduce/balance dairy, gluten, excessive sugars and carbs, drink plenty of water, plenty of exercise/movement, be mindful of the food you put in your body
    • Herbs
      • Burdock root- Cooling herb that clears heat, clears damp, eliminates toxins, disperses wind, cleanses blood, skin healing abilities; main organ channels: lungs, stomach, urinary bladder and kidneys; flavors: bitter, pungent 
      • Red Clover- Neutral herb that circulates Qi, clears damp, resolves water accumulations, eliminates toxins, tonifies yin; main organ channels: lungs, liver, urinary bladder, kidneys, flavor: sweet
      • Dandelion Root- cold herb that circulates qi, clears damp, clears heat, resolves water accumulations; major organ channels: liver, stomach, urinary bladder, kidneys, liver, gallbladder 
      • Chrysanthemums- cold herb that clears heat, disperses wind, tonifies yin; main organs channels: lungs, liver; flavors: sweet and bitter

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    • Homeopathy eyedrops- help with dryness, not meant to clear the redness 
    • Facial cleansing products 
      • Facial Tea Tree Foam
        • Heyedrate Foaming Tea Tree Face Wash and Eyelid Cleaner 
          • Tea tree- clears heat, clears damp, eliminates toxins, resolves phlegm 
      • Hypochlorus Acid Spray
        • Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleaner 
          • Hypocholrus Acid- considered one of nature’s oldest “disinfectants.”  Produced by our white blood cells to help fight infection and keep us healthy. Attacks pathogens, such as, germs, viruses and bacteria.
    • Make up selection
      • Ilia Beauty 
    • Journaling and Meditating 
      • Expressing your emotions in a healthier way
      • Logging your healing journey-but don’t get too crazy with this because the healing process isn’t linear!
      • TCM discusses how most dis-ease is associated with repressed trauma. Reflect and connect with your inner child to help cultivate more full body healing 
        • Repressed traumas and emotions: Liver Heat 

    • Glasses
      • Boost in confidence
    • Patience- It will take time and discipline! 



I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.


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