About Keesh

To tell you a little about myself:  I am a Shreveport, LA native and alumna of Louisiana Tech University and UL Lafayette. For almost a decade, I worked in higher education for various universities throughout the state of Louisiana; beginning as a graduate assistant during my Graduate studies and eventually working my way up to the executive leadership tier as a director overseeing an entire non-academic department. With each new location and opportunity, I made it a personal challenge to make each space better than it was before I joined the team, however, I inevitably was always left with the feeling that something was missing and that I was not living authentically in my truth. After many frustrations and disappointments, in both my professional and personal life, I finally decided to ask God to lead me to a more authentic life and would you believe His answer was one that initiated the complete annihilation of the life I had worked ceaselessly to build for myself? God essentially shook the table with the hopes that I would get the hint and stop running from my true healing; the only path that would align me with my most authentic self. After a series of events that inevitably led to me retiring from the educational system at the age of 32, I decided to sit still and wholeheartedly seek an authentic existence. 

I have always been a writer: I first started writing at the age of six. Over the years, I have inconsistently tapped into various forms of writing, including, résumé generating and editing services, blogging about various topics, etc., but each time I would create a trivial reason to quit. With the help and prophetic word from my therapist, I finally chose to step fully into my purpose as a healing writer; one with the intention to create a space for myself and others interested in reconnecting with their authentic self through full body, mind, and soul integration healing. What is the authentic self? The authentic self is the self/state of being that the Creator, God, Divine intended for us to be. The self we may have shunned from or disengaged with hoping to better align with the world and others.

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