About With Love Keesh

with Love Keesh love notes from keep a safe space for the authentic self


With Love Keesh was created to serve as a safe space for the authentic self. Often times this world, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will convince us that we are not "good enough" as we are and we should shape shift and mask to fit in and be accepted. With Love Keesh's purpose is to help guide others toward their shadows that will inevitably guide them to their light (authenticity) through vulnerable storytelling and various forms of healing art. What is the authentic self? The authentic self is the self/state of being that the Creator, God, Divine intended for us to be. The self we may have shunned from or disengaged with hoping to better align with the world and others.


To nurture and help guide those with the intention of reconnecting with their Authentic self. The Authentic self being the person one was meant to be before the distractions and noise of the world laid and took roots in their spirit. This is done by way of personal and vulnerable storytelling and intentional research provided in various formats of relatable art and content.


That all individuals that come in contact with any of With Love Keesh's content feels seen, heard, and appreciated for simply existing and being their Authentic self. To encourage growth, evolution and empowerment of the authentic self.