This is why Netflix's, "Grace & Frankie" are the perfect duo: When Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies Unite

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This is why Netflix's, "Grace & Frankie" are the perfect duo: When Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies Unite 

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I hope this message finds you well.

For this love note, I want to discuss the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies. Now, before you roll your eyes and click the 'X' because you have reached your mental capacity and are completely fed up with hearing the trending words "masculine" and "feminine," please take a moment to hear me out!

My goal is to give a more complete and inclusive definition of both the masculine and feminine energies; one that reaches beyond the trendy, surface-level definitions that continually flood our social media feeds. And spoiler: it has absolutely nothing to do with gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation! 



Grace and Frankie spoilers are ahead: You’ve been warned!!

The Perfect Duo 

This is why Netflix's, "Grace & Frankie" are the perfect duo: When Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies Unite Image: Netflix

I am beginning a new series titled, Entertainment turned Authentic lesson, and in last week's love note, "Keep Running Up That Hill," I gave a word of motivation to all the artists, creators and entrepreneurs in the world inspired by the new season of Netflix's, Stranger Things. This week, I take inspiration from the beloved (scoring a 90% conclusion rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and absolutely hilarious Netflix series, Grace and Frankie.

Since 2015, Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) have graced their fanbase's flatscreens with all sorts of ambitious and quirky adventures. We are first introduced to the pair as they gathered unknowingly for a dinner that would change the trajectory of the remainder of their lives. At this dinner, both of their husbands of the past 40 years reveal to them that for the last 20 years they have been engaging in a secret love affair with one another and are both divorcing Grace and Frankie to now marry each other and spend the remainder of their lives together. Now, of course this comes as a great shock to both Grace and Frankie that ultimately results in these two complete opposites now navigating their lives as they journey through this unique experience together. For the past 7 years, we have followed this kooky, lovable duo on several new life experiences and challenges that arise for them as they both age and the many business ventures they take on together ranging from their 'Rise Up' toilet invention that utilizes hydraulics to lift its users up to a padded vibrator made especially for seasoned, frisky women plagued by bouts of arthritis.  Sadly, our beloved duo met their end this year after a fantastic run of 7 seasons, but I couldn't help but think into this jewel of a series a little deeper and explore just why they worked so well together, from initially despising one another and having absolutely nothing in common with each other.

How did mortal enemies turn into inseparable soulmates?

Image: NetflixThis is why Netflix's, "Grace & Frankie" are the perfect duo: When Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies Unite

Grace and Frankie are total opposites. Grace is the ever poised, meticulous "boss babe" woman who isn't necessarily the most emotionally supportive, but is not afraid to work hard having owned her own highly successful beauty company, 'Say Grace.' Frankie is the boho, laid-back "peace and love" free spirited hippie that couldn't care less about socioeconomic norms or the corporate world and would much rather hug trees and rain dance naked in the forest. After their husbands, Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston) reveal their secret, Grace and Frankie ultimately decide to move into their joint beach house together and make the best out of such a crazy situation. Over time, they grow completely inseparable; so much so that Grace ultimately chooses Frankie over continuing her marriage to her new husband, Nick (Peter Gallagher). 

So, how did this happen? How did they end up working so well together? The answer is simple: because the energy between them is balanced. Grace is a divine masculine energy and Frankie is a divine feminine energy.


The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are genderless energies 

This is why Netflix's, "Grace & Frankie" are the perfect duo: When Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies UniteImage: Netflix

Now, you may be thinking: "But Grace is a WOMAN! How can she be a divine masculine energy?!"

Many will have you believe that divine masculine and divine feminine energies are gender related, but this is the furtherest thing from the truth. The divine masculine and the divine feminine are both ENERGIES which means that a man, woman, or non-binary individual can carry either/or of the two energies dominantly. We all carry both energies, but one energy is more dominate than the other within each individual. Once Grace and Frankie let down their guards with one another, their dominant energies were able to flow authentically together thus creating the perfect synergy in their relationship. And a very important note: "divine" does not mean totally and completely healed without trauma or healing work to be done. We are all constantly healing and growing. Throughout the series, it is clear that both Grace and Frankie are heavily flawed and experience challenges, but they are still very well aware of their dominate energies and strengths and that is why they are the perfect duo. 

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What are some characteristics of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies?   

This is why Netflix's, "Grace & Frankie" are the perfect duo: When Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies Unite

The Divine Masculine is the action, the doing:

  • Yang, Light, Function, Logic, Action, Strength, Rational, Protection, Grounded, Direction, Focus


 The Divine Feminine is the being, the receiving:

  • Yin, Dark, Structure, Intuition, Being, Flexible, Emotional, Creation, Surrendering, Free-flowing, Receptive 


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Know Thyself Intimately 

This is why Netflix's, "Grace & Frankie" are the perfect duo: When Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies Unite 

We all have both engeries, but it is important to know thyself and understand what your dominant energy is within. Often due to childhood trauma and/or other conditionings, we operate in dominant energies not true to who we actually are. An example of this is masculine mirroring or feminine mirroring due to negligent childhood grooming and conditioning. Masculine or feminine mirroring essentially is the facade a child is forced to mirror from the primary caregiver in order to get their basic needs met, i.e. garner acceptance from the caregiver. A child could innately possess a dominant feminine energy, but if the primary caregiver is a dominant, wounded masculine energy (which can be natural or mirrored from their childhood conditioning as well) the child will feel the need to mirror this energy in order to get their needs met by the caregiver. Wounded is a keyword here as well. If the primary caregiver was a divine or more aligned masculine energy, the child would feel safe to express their dominant feminine energy because the environment created would allow the child to safely do so. As I mentioned previously, the term 'divine' does not mean perfect or free of flaws. We are all flawed; even the most aligned person. A divine masculine or feminine energy is one that is aware of who they are, act and operate with integrity and make the necessary amendments if and when they should fall short of their integrity. This is why the inner work is so necessary to recalibrate and become intimately knowledgable about yourself so that you may make the necessary shift and own who you truly are.

Another big misconception is that the divine masculine has to be male and the divine feminine has to be female and if a male or female are dominant in the opposite energy of their gender expression, they are "gay;" the woman is considered "manly" and the male is considered "soft." But again, this is fake information! There are very beautiful women that are masculine dominant and there are many attractive "manly" men that are feminine dominant energies. A real-life example (in my opinion) was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. 


Kim "Ms. Nobody wants to work these days" Kardashian is a lot like Grace's character; she is very analytical and about her business; the doing. And Kanye is a lot like Frankie's character and is very in tune with his feelings and his intuition; the being. Both, were in a heterosexual presenting relationship adhering to the "patriarchal/standard" social norms, but hosted dominant energies in the "opposite" energies of their gender expression. But again, we all have both energies so we must continuously work to ensure we remain balanced on both spectrums, but knowing your dominant energy will allow you to understand how and why you operate in the way that you do without holding shame and guilt toward yourself. And it will also help you understand how the person reflecting the opposite energy from you within your various relationships, whether romantic, platonic, business, etc., operates best as well.

Interested in quick test to help unveil if you are a true masculine or feminine dominant being? Answer the following question: 



"I feel" is an emotional, intuitive response: this answer is typically a feminine dominant being

"I do/am" is an action-based, solution response: this answer is typically a masculine dominant being

Now while this example is very broad, it is a good first step for acknowledging the healing work necessary for you to step into your true authentic self. Only you can deep dive within and begin your unique path toward authenticity.


I wrote this poem of inspiration to encourage you to go inward and know, love and trust thyself: “Intuition:”

Intuition love notes from keesh with love keesh


🌉Are you a fellow poetry and wall art/decor lover? Bring "Intuition" inspired by this love note home today:


Remember: We all host both energies, but it is important for you to go inward and know your dominant energy. Through intimate bonding time with yourself, you will become better knowledgeable of your personal strengths and navigate more authentically in your life.

Until next time.

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