Mercury Retrograde: What & when is Mercury Retrograde 2022? + How to survive the Mercury Retrograde seasons

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Mercury Retrograde: What & when is Mercury Retrograde 2022? + How to survive the Mercury Retrograde seasons


Hey y'all!

I hope this message finds you well.

As the release of my first published book, Lavender Heart Tea, rapidly approaches, I have been eagerly working to finish all the last minute details, as well as, thinking up new and exciting ways to continuously share my various forms of art with you all!

Thus, the birth of my Poetic Justice poem series!

But first thing’s first, let me explain exactly what Mercury in Retrograde means.


What is Mercury in Retrograde?

Mercury in Retrograde is an astrology term for the time in which the planet Mercury appears to spin backwards for about 3-3.5 weeks. Mercury typically goes into retrograde at least 3 to 4 times each year. Although Mercury is only in retrograde about 3-3.5 weeks, there is a pre and post shadow period that falls about a week to a week and half before and after the actual Mercury in Retrograde time span dates. During the shadow periods, the planet stops traveling in the direction in which it was going and slowly begins to gain momentum to begin spinning in the opposite direction. Mercury is the ruler of travel, communication, and technology; so, it is common during the time of its retrograde to experience technological mishaps and communication disruptions; including within our personal relationships. It is considered a time in which we all “should” slow down a bit and become aware of any “triggers” or “wayward feelings” that arise for us. Whatever arises for you during Mercury in Retrograde is letting you know exactly where in your life it is time to shift and/or transmute that energy into something more aligned with your authentic being.

When is Mercury Retrograde? (2022)

Mercury Retrograde: What & when is Mercury Retrograde 2022? + How to survive the Mercury Retrograde seasons


There are four Mercury retrograde cycles we will experience in 2022:

January 14 to February 3: The pre-retrograde shadow begins December 29, 2021, post-retrograde shadow ends February 23.

May 10 to June 3: The pre-retrograde shadow begins April 25, post-retrograde shadow ends June 18.

September 9 to October 2: The pre-retrograde shadow begins August 22, post-retrograde shadow ends October 16.

December 29 to January 18, 2023: The pre-retrograde shadow begins December 12, post-retrograde shadow ends February 2, 2023.


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Mercury in Retrograde: Poetic Justice poem series

In an effort to continuously share my voice in and on various platforms, I created the series, Poetic Justice. My intention for all my art is to help those, especially those in the Black communities, that have the intention to embark upon a full mind, body, and soul healing integration journey. Poetic Justice is a series of poems dedicated to reconnecting with the authentic self; essentially, the same concept as love notes by keesh, but visual. I released the first episode this weekend on my YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tiktok platforms and I would like to invite you to check it out!

Mercury in Retrograde creatively explores my healing journey and how I had to first connect with my mind, body, and soul for everything I had experienced in life, both positive and negative, to make sense. Intimately exploring how I had to dig deep within myself to fully understand that while some of the experiences I had endured in life were not my fault and I should have never experienced, it was necessary for me to acknowledge and sit with it all in order to free myself and transmute the anguish and pain into gold.

Check out my poem, “Mercury in Retrograde,” on my YouTube channel:


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How to survive the Mercury Retrograde seasons

Mercury Retrograde: What & when is Mercury Retrograde 2022? + How to survive the Mercury Retrograde seasons

Mercury Retrograde seasons often get a bad rep, but don’t get yourself too worked up about it. You often hear about all the things that can and will go wrong, but if you focus your attention on the positive things you can do during this time, you will find yourself in a better headspace whenever the time arises and Mercury Retrograde returns:

  1. Revisit previous projects and ideas- While this span of time is not ideal for beginning new projects and endeavors, this is a great time to review, revise, and rework previous projects. So, take a moment to look back in your journals and planners and see if there are any ideas worth rebirthing and executing.

  2. Stop and smell the flowers- Both literally and figuratively. This is a great time to connect with Mother Nature, even during the retrograde seasons happening during colder weather. Communication can be easily misconstrued during this time, so be sure to take a moment and “smell the flowers” and practice more patience and stillness.

  3. Don’t be afraid to live your life- There are lists as long as the Red Sea full of fear mongering information and “to-dont’s” about Mercury in Retrograde. Be mindful of all the daunting information you consume. Life still will and has to go on before, during, and after these retrograde seasons and some decisions can not be postponed until after the season ends. Just be sure to read and re-read and quadruple check everything before making any final decisions (as you should do anyway during any other time and season). I speak often about knowing and trusting yourself to do what is best for you and during this season that intuitive knowledge you have been building will come in handy.

Do not fear Mercury Retrograde. Learn how to navigate yourself during this time that works best for you and trust that all will be well. I hope you enjoy the Poetic Justice series! I have a lot of great content in the works to share with you all!

Until next time.

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